This section contains a list of common guitar chords. Each of the guitar chords is laid out with a graphical representation of where you should place certain fingers on the fret board. Simply select which guitar chord you wish to view from the list below. There is also a full list of guitar chords which contains all of the chords from this section - but may take a minute or so to load on a slower connection.

Playing the guitar is a really enjoyable activity and one which many people want to do. If you learn the basics of guitar playing, which you hopefully will from this website then you will be well on your way to playing your favourite tunes. We hope you find the following helpful.

Root Chord Chords
C C Major C Minor    
D D Major D Minor    
E E Major E Minor    
F F Major F Minor    
G G Major G Minor    
A A Major A Minor A7 Amin 7
Bb Bb Major Bb Minor    
B B Major

B Minor

Full  List of Guitar Chords Guitar Chords - Full List