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I have had a personal website since 1998 and one at this address since 2001. Initially it was a basic site with a few photos but it slowly grew.
Since then, I have setup a few different personal websites.
In 2004 I set up a Queen fan site using my transcriptions of music etc.
Then in 2011 I setup a photography blog which has had a redesign in the past 12 months and continues to evolve.
This redesign comes after I noted that my site was not mobile friendly so hopefully, this fixes that issue. Updates are still being made to the site but I hope to be finished by mid November. Enjoy your visit.

Shanes Queen Site

I set up a Queen fan site in 2004, as I had many manual transcriptions of songs on paper and decided to notate them online and since then it has grown and grown. On this site I have music, bios, and some interactive elements. I have had many contacts over the years from Queen fans plus one of Queen's head roadies, Peter 'Ratty' Hince who kindly asked me to review his book, Queen Unseen.

Please visit my Queen site at queen.shanemcdonald.org ...

My Photography Site

Since travelling the world in 2001 with a very basic, but at the time decent 1.3 MegaPixel Olympus camera I have enjoyed photography as a hobby. I've been lucky enough to have many of my photos published in international/national/local publications, used on websites and shown on TV programmes.

I continue to take photos, maybe not as much as I would like, but these are published on my photoblog at www.shanemcdonald.me - take a visit to the site and view some of my latest shots.

Recent Films Watched

Under the Skin
Gone Girl
The Theory of Everything